Help your women and diverse employees overcome those additional barriers to leadership.

Transform your company by elevating your Women and Diverse Employees.

I’m a neuroscience-based coach, passionate about DEI, and I empower women and diverse professionals to move into leadership roles.

Very few STEM professionals are trained in the leadership and communication skills needed to move up in their careers. Even people with MBAs can lack the ability or strategies to lead effectively. Communication, motivation, conflict management – these skills are too often “learned” through trial and error.

Minority and women technical professionals trying to rise therefore face three challenges: like their white male peers, they were never trained in the necessary leadership skills. Unlike their white male peers, they are usually not automatically seen as potential leaders. These two challenges lead to the third: a lack of confidence.

Employee Coaching

The Difference Is Neuroscience

Too many coaches and trainers rely on outdated techniques and theories that seem good but lack sound evidence to back them up. As a certified neuroscience-based coach, I use evidence-based approaches drawn not only from neuroscience, but also positive psychology, learning theory, and more.

Neuroscience-based coaching and training…

Neuro coaching

Manages the brain’s baseline state, empowering employees to uncover their own best thinking.

Neuro Coaching

Leverages the brain’s love of repetition to help your employees build powerful, positive habits

Neuro Coaching

Flexes to adapt to each person’s individual learning/processing style

Empower your Employees

Support your DEI efforts and help your diverse employees out of the leadership double bind with next-level leadership skills. Empower them to unleash their potential!

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