Jennifer’s Methods

Neuroscience-Based Coach Elevating Women and Diverse Science & Tech Professionals

I’m a neuroscience-based STEM leadership coach, with a passion for empowering women and diverse professionals to rise in their careers to become impactful leaders and innovators. I bring over a decade of experience in assessing and training high potential professionals in leadership and communications. I prioritize DEI in my work and am an always-learning ally. I’m also a theatre artist, and my work as a coach is informed by the high-performance communication and innovation principles arising out of improv.

Employee Coaching

Every client is unique, and I adjust the techniques and style I use to meet them where they are.

Clients who work with me:

  • Break through to greater insights on their projects, for their teams, and in their careers
  • Establish life-changing habits that help them be more effective on the job – and off
  • Discover and develop the powerful leader they already are
  • Find more boldness and confidence in their innovation practices
  • Increase their understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Improve their communication with teams, peers, and managers
  • Develop better work-life balance

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