Group Coaching

Neuroscience-based group coaching will help a group of your employees, whether they are well-established in their careers or up-and-coming leaders, set a vision for their leadership and create powerful action plans for success.

Group training can also be paired with Group Coaching. This powerful combination can help your employees have significant breakthroughs. Example topics:

  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Technical presentation skills
  • Innovation training
  • Women Leaders and Confidence

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Neuroscience-based Breakthrough Group Coaching

Neuroscience-Based Breakthrough Group Coaching leverages the best in brain science to help clients reach their goals.

Group Coaching begins with the Visioning Process, which helps clients break through to their greatest vision for their careers, teams, or innovative ideas or inventions. In the following sessions, we create action plans and accountability for those goals.

The entire coaching process is grounded in the latest research in brain science, learning theory, positive psychology and DEI. Clients:

Set – and reach – powerful goals

rocketNeuroscience-based coaching helps clients define what they really want, and then create effective action plans to achieve those goals. We all have inner saboteurs that can derail our plans; but in this program, clients learn how to manage their baseline brain state to follow through consistently.

Use habits to change their lives, one moment at a time.

lightbulbOur brains love to automate any and all of our behaviors, sometimes to our detriment. Through our coaching together, clients will learn to take charge of their brain’s natural love of repetition to create habits that will lead to longer-term health, happiness, and achievement.

Break through to new thinking.

Breakthroughs occur more often when we focus on how we’re thinking as opposed to what we’re thinking.

newthinkingIn brain-based coaching, clients get “unstuck” by lifting out of the details of a problem and into the vision of where they want to go. This leads to new thinking and solutions that can’t be seen at the level of the problem.

Use the power of positive psychology to go after big goals.

PQClients have the option of using the 6-week PQ program to rewire their brains more quickly towards happiness, innovation, and greater resilience, among other things. The program rests on research that shows that short mindfulness exercises done frequently throughout the day rewire the brain much faster than a single, longer session. The exercises range from 2-12 minutes.

Whether clients choose to use the PQ program, positive psychology will be in play throughout the group coaching sessions. Research shows that validating achievements and positive personal qualities creates a virtuous cycle. It builds more of the same. In the coaching session, clients create a habit of seeing the gifts in their own mistakes, and validating themselves for their achievements – large and small. These practices leave them feeling great satisfaction, motivation, and personal power.

Trigger Aha! moments.

brainMoments of transforming insight are available to us all, and more frequently than we might think. In our coaching work, we’ll use a process that triggers many insight moments. These Aha! moments will not only solve problems, but also lead to great bursts of energy, creativity, and productivity.

Whatever you want to accomplish, neuroscience-based coaching can help.

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Neuroscience-based coaching and training…

Neuro coaching

Manages the brain’s baseline state, empowering employees to uncover their own best thinking.

Neuro Coaching

Leverages the brain’s love of repetition to help your employees build powerful, positive habits

Neuro Coaching

Flexes to adapt to each person’s individual learning/processing style