Brainhacks Lunch n’Learn

Are there times during the day when your brain seems to work really well, and other times when you can’t seem to add 2+2? Do you struggle with long hours at work b/c of this lowered capacity?

Or… Can you organize your work week well, but you struggle with setting and acting on an overall vision for your life and career?

What’s going on? Why do our brains work really well at certain times, and then stall out at other times?

This workshop, which can be presented as a “Lunch ‘n’ Learn, gives you the latest from neuroscience. Learn what is happening in your brain, and how to use it to your best advantage. You’ll get tips on:

-when your brain is most powerful, and how to make the most of that time
-what to do when your brain stalls in your daily work
-how to manage those “life stalls” to take big steps in your career and personal life
-how to capture the brain states that lead to insight

You can get the career and life you most want – with that big, beautiful brain of yours!

This one-hour Lunch ‘n Learn can include 15 minutes for Q&A and networking.

If you’re interested in booking this workshop for your group or organization, get in touch!