Streamlining It All: Preparation Process

Crafting an outstanding technical presentation is an art form that hinges on several pivotal elements: Cultivate Self-Assurance A great technical presentation begins with the presenter. It’s about building a foundation of confidence that supports the weight of your expertise. This self-assurance isn’t just for show; it radiates to your audience, compelling them to trust in … Read more

Use Effective Visuals

The Overdesigning Trap in Technical Presentations Technical presenters often fall into the trap of overdesigning their slides and whiteboards, leading to cluttered visuals that overwhelm rather than inform. These dense slides, packed with text, reflect a common oversight in technical writing and presentation skills. They end up serving more as speaker’s notes than effective communication … Read more

What to Say? What to Leave Out?

The Second Step for Technical Presenters.  STEM and other technical people love to figure things out. It’s fun to sort out a complex problem! It can be even more fun to tell others how you did it. In a presentation that is driving action, though, it’s important to shape content according to the audience’s interest … Read more

Tell A Story

Navigating a dense forest of technical information can often feel like deciphering an ancient script. Even for those well-versed in the language of their technical domain, stumbling upon a new concept can be as perplexing as encountering a map in a foreign language. This challenge is even more pronounced when these concepts are shrouded in … Read more


The First Step for Technical Presenters.  Celebrate your achievements! If you are a STEM or other technical professional, you’re probably a very smart person. You understand the nuances of the SEC standards, or you get the complexities of digitalization. You not only grasp the nuances of your subject, you also create recommendations and processes to … Read more

Just Talk to Us!

The Pitfall of Scripted Presentations When it comes to presenting technical information, there’s a common temptation to script the entire talk. It’s a natural response, aiming to ensure that all critical information is covered. Yet, this often backfires. Presenters end up sounding less like humans and more like robots. The essence of a good presentation … Read more