Use Effective Visuals

The Fifth Step for Technical Presenters. 

Many technical presenters fall into the trap of designing slides or white boards that are too busy. The slides are dense with text. They act as speaker’s notes, leaving the presenter with nothing of value to add. Or the white board gets crowded with chaotic charts and notes, confusing the audience and distracting from the presenter.

Given that 80% of the population are visual learners and processors, this also means that, given the choice, most people will read the slide, not listen to the presenter. How does this support the credibility of the speaker, or put the word out about our firm’s brand?

Part of the prep process, then, is to use slide design to keep and focus the audience’s attention. In the end, the speaker is the thought leader and expert, and should be leading the presentation – not the slides.

Fifth: let your visuals support your presentation, not the other way around.

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