The First Step for Technical Presenters. 

Celebrate your achievements!

If you are a STEM or other technical professional, you’re probably a very smart person. You understand the nuances of the SEC standards, or you get the complexities of digitalization. You not only grasp the nuances of your subject, you also create recommendations and processes to help guide others. Maybe you are a disrupter, bringing cutting-edge innovation and working with others to re-thinking individual businesses and even, entire industries.

Your accomplishments are significant.

But despite your expertise, speaking in front of others can make you nervous. To make matters a bit more daunting, your in-person presentations often have very high stakes. Maybe you are trying to get VC funding. Or maybe you are presenting to an in-person conference audience of hundreds of people… or to a virtual audience of thousands. These situations can make anyone a little anxious!

First things first: build your confidence. Yes, you know what you’re talking about! Reflect on your accomplishments. Think back on where you were 5 or 10 years ago. You’ve come a long way, haven’t you? Take a moment to celebrate those achievements!

Keep those many milestones in mind as you prepare for, and deliver, that presentation. You absolutely deserve to be where you are. And you deserve to have people hear and support you!

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