Emotional Intelligence: A Technical Leader’s Superpower

Female technical leader teaching male employee.

As a leadership coach and trainer, I’ve worked with countless professionals in fields like accounting, finance, tech, and science who are brilliant at their technical craft. They’re experts in their domain, with the skills and knowledge to tackle complex problems and drive innovation. But when it comes to moving into leadership roles and managing teams, … Read more

Communication: The Key to Innovation Success

Innovation is collaborative. We often think that inventors, designers and originators are solo geniuses. We think that if we can’t come up with an entire idea on our own, we’re not truly innovative or original. But the truth about innovation and creative breakthroughs is that they never happen in a vacuum of personal solitude. In … Read more

How Can We Trigger Insights?

In my previous post, I looked at the science of how insights happen in the brain. So if we know how insight proceeds in the brain, can we also trigger those Aha! moments? I believe we can. The process starts when a person is holding a problem in their minds. They haven’t been able to … Read more

The Neuroscience of Insight: For Women and Gender Non-Conforming People

We have images, based on cultural conditioning, of what inventors and disruptors look like. They are invariably white, male, and young. They are usually American. But the ability of the human brain to have insights, to be creative and innovative, to disrupt and break through, is human. It’s not specific to any race or gender. … Read more

Innovation Coaching and a Life in the Arts: How I Got Here

For my entire adult life, I’ve had 2 careers: one in the arts, and the other in business (L&D). In the freelance world of training and coaching, I was advised to keep a strict separation between my art work and my coaching work. The sense was that if anyone in business knew I was a … Read more

Brain Science: Help Your Team Have Insights and Solve Their Own Problems

As leaders, we are often approached by our team members who need help. They’re struggling to think through a technical issue on a project, a relationship issue with another team member, or even both. How do we avoid the trap of trying to solve our subordinates’ problems and help them think better at the same … Read more

Streamlining It All: Preparation Process

Crafting an outstanding technical presentation is an art form that hinges on several pivotal elements: Cultivate Self-Assurance A great technical presentation begins with the presenter. It’s about building a foundation of confidence that supports the weight of your expertise. This self-assurance isn’t just for show; it radiates to your audience, compelling them to trust in … Read more

Use Effective Visuals

The Overdesigning Trap in Technical Presentations Technical presenters often fall into the trap of overdesigning their slides and whiteboards, leading to cluttered visuals that overwhelm rather than inform. These dense slides, packed with text, reflect a common oversight in technical writing and presentation skills. They end up serving more as speaker’s notes than effective communication … Read more

What to Say? What to Leave Out?

The Second Step for Technical Presenters.  STEM and other technical people love to figure things out. It’s fun to sort out a complex problem! It can be even more fun to tell others how you did it. In a presentation that is driving action, though, it’s important to shape content according to the audience’s interest … Read more

Tell A Story

Navigating a dense forest of technical information can often feel like deciphering an ancient script. Even for those well-versed in the language of their technical domain, stumbling upon a new concept can be as perplexing as encountering a map in a foreign language. This challenge is even more pronounced when these concepts are shrouded in … Read more