Communication: The Key to Innovation Success

Innovation is collaborative.

We often think that inventors, designers and originators are solo geniuses. We think that if we can’t come up with an entire idea on our own, we’re not truly innovative or original. But the truth about innovation and creative breakthroughs is that they never happen in a vacuum of personal solitude. In 1675, reflecting on his life in science, Sir Isaac Newton declared, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Inventors and transformative thinkers alike owe their breakthroughs both to those that went before them, and those that accompany them on the journey.

So what do long-term, successful innovation teams and partnerships have in common? Emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills. This 5-part series will explore these skills, so necessary for true transformation and breakthroughs.

Upcoming blogs will cover:

“Yes, and…”: What we can learn from the masters of innovation, improv actors.

Confidence: How to learn to trust intuition, especially when you’ve been trained to rely only on what has been proven thus far.

Presenting/sharing: How to communicate an idea that is just taking shape in our minds.

Listening: How to actively listen and encourage others to express their ideas fully.

Shaping Ideas to Context/Constraint: When to start applying context to an idea and what questions to ask to increase the functionality of the breakthrough.

Stay tuned!

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