Let the resourcefulness and resilience that got you this far take you to your dream career.

All STEM professionals meet challenges to build their careers. But if you’re a woman, LGBTQ+ person and/or BIPOC, you’ve had to meet additional challenges simply because of who you are.

You're already smart, resourceful and resilient, or you wouldn't have gotten this far. I use neuroscience to help you leverage your brain's natural tendencies and build your confidence - so you can go even farther.

"Jennifer is caring, compassionate and insightful. She's a creative problem solver who really listens."
-Liz S.

Why Use Neuroscience-Based Coaching?

Too many coaches rely on outdated techniques and theories that seem good but lack sound evidence to back them up. As a certified neuroscience-based coach, I use evidence-based approaches drawn not only from neuroscience, but also positive psychology, learning theory, and more. Neuroscience-based coaching and training…

  • helps you uncover and grow the leader within you
  • empowers you with a process to uncover your best thinking and ideas
  • leverages your brain’s love of repetition to build powerful, positive habits
  • sparks your innovation

It is my mission that not one more brilliant person’s ideas or leadership be lost to history. My own grounding in DEI – and as a lesbian – has ignited a passion in me for seeing other women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC people thrive. Our resilience and natural creativity, as people from marginalized communities, mean that we may very well be the ones with the best solutions to our world’s current challenges.

Unleash the powerful leader and brilliant innovator already within you. Contact me today to learn how neuroscience-based coaching can help you achieve your goals.

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Neuroscience-based coaching and training…

Neuro coaching

Manages the brain’s baseline state, empowering employees to uncover their own best thinking.

Neuro Coaching

Leverages the brain’s love of repetition to help your employees build powerful, positive habits

Neuro Coaching

Flexes to adapt to each person’s individual learning/processing style