Technical Presenting Series: Powerfully Engage Your Audiences Every Time

I must admit, I’m a bit of a nerd. I really enjoy learning and conveying complex information. STEM? Bring it on! Economics? Let’s go! So when a Big 4 accounting firm approached me to help its presenters on their technical accounting webcast, I relished the opportunity.

Over time, I found that these experts in accounting and auditing had the same challenges as my clients in IT and STEM.

  • Build confidence
  • Shape the content to the audience
  • Be conversational
  • Tell engaging stories to illustrate abstract concepts
  • Design and deliver engaging slides
  • Use a prep process that incorporates all of the principles.

I’ve done a separate blog post for each of these. I’ll be posting these once/week for the next few weeks. For now, read the next one on Confidence.

For more information on Jennifer’s coaching practice for technical presenters, read more here.