Jennifer Pawlitschek

Executive Coach, Speaker, and Trainer


Experienced leadership and communications coach and trainer with over 15 years of partnering with clients. Skilled in helping clients communicate in a clear and compelling manner, in presentations and conversations, with both highly technical and non-technical material. Highly proficient in coaching current and emerging leaders in emotional intelligence, leading and managing others, and strategizing for success. Passionate about helping clients have insights that empower them to break through to new levels of innovation and/or move up in their careers. Methods are drawn from neuroscience, learning theory, high-level communication strategies, and the arts. This combination has been called “transformational.”

Featured in the New York Times and on Voice of America radio for her expertise, she has worked in many sectors, including corporate, legal, science/technology, government and not-for-profit.


*Excellent listener
*Emotional Intelligence
*Social Intelligence
*Learning theory
*High level facilitation skills
*Mindfulness and focus
*Rapport-building and relationship development
*Diverse approaches; dynamically shifts with the client

Professional Experience

 Leadership Coach and Trainer, NYC and virtually                                               1/12-ongoing

Partners with corporate clients to identify areas of leadership that may be improved through better communication and relationship building processes. Coaches clients around effective goal setting and action planning. Leverages techniques from neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive psychology and mindfulness to help clients break through mental blocks, take effective action, and form powerful new habits. Evaluates client’s work and leadership style and skills, using assessment tools such as the TriMetrix DNA and Strengthsfinders 2.0. Help clients develop effective decision-making skills for crucial challenges. Strategizes approaches and ideas which may improve leadership within company and motivate higher overall staff performance. Consults with management to understand leadership principles and develop more productive leadership concepts to be implemented. Tracks client progress and maintains case files.

Communications Coach and Trainer, NYC and virtually                                     3/01-ongoing

Design and/or deliver workshops in: Presentation Skills, Technical Presentation Skills, Effective Conversations, Voice Coaching – American Accent Training, and Voice Coaching – Vocal Improvement. In Presentation Skills (in-person and virtual), areas of  platform skills improvement include presence, relaxation, persuasion, vocal dynamism, and physical expressiveness. Areas of content improvement include focus on message, responsiveness to audience and ability to handle Q&A. In Technical Presentation Skills, areas of improvement include the above, along with adjusting the message for the audience; translating technical terms for general audiences; and translating technical concepts using metaphor and story. In Effective Conversations, areas of improvement include expressing ideas clearly, listening, and persuading and influencing. In Voice Coaching – American Accent, areas of improvement include intonation, word stress, pronunciation, grammar and overall vocal quality. In Voice Coaching – Vocal Quality, areas of improvement include breath support, articulation, tone and resonance.

Speaker/Performer , New York City and nationally                                         1/00-ongoing
Science and Theatre

Create and deliver/perform solo shows, speeches and comedy on science-related themes. Pieces include, The Chaos Theory of Now, a dramedy mixing chaos theory with contemporary American characters; The Physics of Love, a romantic comedy based on the scientific history of the universe; and Four Women Who Changed Science, a speech exploring the achievements of four women in STEM.  Performances are ongoing at various venues including theatres, churches, businesses and colleges.

United Nations, New York City, NY                                                                        10/05-1/07
Substitute/Part-time ESL Instructor

Taught advanced ESL pronunciation classes and other ESL-related classes.

CUNY:  Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY                                                   09/05-5/07
Adjunct VPA Professor

Taught beginning acting, and ESL pronunciation with an emphasis on phonological skills.

 Volunteer/Community Work

 Co-Counseling International                                                                                   6/06-ongoing

Teach classes in active listening as foundation for peer-to-peer counseling.  Curricula also includes emotional and social intelligence.

Assessments and Certifications

 *Certified Coach with the Nueroleadership Institute
*Certified in the TTI TriMetrix DNA and Emotional Intelligence assessment tools
*Positive Intelligence Certification in Process
*MFA in Theatre
*BFA in Interdisciplinary Humanities